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Total Stations

Total Station FTS 102 (2

Total Station FTS 102 (2" accuracy) with FieldGenius SW

code: GF041020
manufacturer: geo-FENNEL
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price6,400.00 €
Price includes tax 21%.
The indicated price is valid ordering till 04.06.2020.
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FTS-102 from a German company geo-FENNEL total station with 2 " angular accuracy and MicroSurvey FieldGenius application.

       This geo-FENNEL tachometer FTS-102 is pleasant in design and very comfortable at work. It is built on the Windows CE platform and is supported by MicroSurvey FieldGenius.

       Its touch-screen display greatly improves workflow, access to menus and software modes.

The FTS 102 feature is a full alphanumeric keypad, as well as a "pop-up" keyboard that provides fast and accurate data entry.
       In addition, the FTS 102 software package also supports road alignment, volume calculation and simple CAD capabilities, making work in these areas much easier. Measurements can be easily transformed from existing software into other formats such as AutoCAD and the like.

        FTS 102 is fast and measured over long distances - up to 3,500 m with standard prism and non-reflective mode up to 500 m. Integrated laser plumbing allows quick and precise installation above the reference point in difficult conditions.

      FTS 102 measurement data can be transmitted via standard RS-232 cable or via Bluetooth® or USB flash drive. Its two rechargeable Li-Ion batteries allow it to be used for more than one working day. All its connectors are well protected against dust and water provided by IP 55 protection class.

- Easy to use software
- Easy to read display in direct sunlight
- Fast import and export in various data formats without additional software
- quick and accurate measurements
- Compact and smart design

- 220 V / 50 Hz charger
- 2 x Li-Ion battery
- Data cable
- Transport case

Accessories - optional:
- NEDO tripod, wooden, with flat-sized flat head, 5/8 ” fastening thread, double - clip and screw, tripod mount - 214, - EUR
- Prism A4, standard (60 mm), with a target of 5/8 ”thread - 130, - EUR
- Prism rod L25, AL, telescopic, 2.5 m, 5/8 ” thread - 97, - EUR
- Prism rod L50, AL, telescopic, 5 m, 5/8 ” thread - 175, - EUR
- Mini prism ADS 103 construction kit, with 3-piece foldable rod (max 1.78m) and hook - 125, - EUR.
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