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Water level gauges from GoEcke Schwelm, Germany.
The first are water level control rods from the corrosion resistant aluminum alloy base (AlMg2), with painted markings. They are available in 1m length. If it is necessary to control the change of level above 1 m, then the tape measure with the number of meters must be ordered separately. When ordering, the difference in the level to be controlled should be defined by receiving the required number of rods accordingly.
If more meters, then there are the same meters in the corner.
The background color can be selected: white or yellow. The label will be black.
Another choice is the 2 mm or 3 mm thick AlMg2 base.

As the second, the measuring rods are made of 1.5 mm steel and thermo-coated, which protects it from corrosion and is so smooth that it practically does not catch dirt and is not covered by algae. As a result, they remain clean and have no problem with long-term readings. Analogues with previous scores - If you need to control a level change of more than 1 m, you need to order scales with a number of meters to be individually tagged.
Steel rods are thermoplastic coated on choice with cm and E-scale. The choice is 1 m long and also with a meter mark. If you only need 1 m, then you need a lats free meter. If more meters, then there are the same meters in the corner.
The colors of the background color and the markings can also be selected as shown.
The width of the rods is 10 cm, 12 cm or 15 cm.
And also the rods shape - flat or U-shaped.

There are also cheap plastic rods available, but they are positioned as short-term measuring equipment - hence short life, so they are not included in the offer. But delivery options are.

As an option, are available a mounting kits with a 1 m long rail and two mounting bolts.
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