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Rotation lasers

Rotation laser level HV302-4 with HL760 receiver. CALIBRATED!

Rotation laser level HV302-4 with HL760 receiver. CALIBRATED!

code: SP011501
manufacturer: Spectra Precision
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       The HV302-4 from Spectra Precision, USA, is a versatile, automatic laser leveler for practically any leveling or leveling work in modern construction. 
Used in horizontal and vertical planes. Equipped with a laser rod for straight angles for installation and control.
       Continuous 45-hour operation is provided by 4 pcs Type D accu batteries. 
The battery charger comes with a 220V network charger.
       The HV302 is designed for use with the laser beam receiver HL760.
The Radio remote RC402N provides a 100 m operating distance.
       The whole set fits in a durable, bright yellow plastic carrying case.
Level's HV302 Warranty is 5 years. The receiver HL760 warranty is 3 years.

Laser level HV302 technical parameters:
Working distance-diameter: 800 m 
Accuracy - no worse than ± 1.5 mm / 30 m
Rotation speeds - 0, 10, 80, 200, 600 rpm
Operation in two (H and V) planes
Automatic leveling range: ± 5 °
Temperature compensation
It is permissible to drop a concrete at a height of 1 m or 1.5 m from the stand
Manual mode for inclining (slope) plane
Indication "outside the self-leveling range"
Time of operation with Alkaline - 60 h / NiMH- 45 h.
Laser class - 3R
Climatic protection - IP66
Complete with: leveler, receiver with lath console, charger, batteries, suitcase, instruction
Specifications for the receiver HL760:
Sensor height:  - 127 mm, with altitude mm indication
Accuracy: 0.5 mm; 1.0 mm; 2 mm; 5 mm; 10 mm;
Accuracy in calibration mode:  - 0,1 mm;
Operating distance:  up to 800 m in diameter
Anti-strob sensor: yes
Battery life (2 pcs AA Alkaline): - 60+ hours
Indication: 2 x LCD and 3 x LED indication
Auto-off time:  - 30 min.
Operating temperature:  from -20 ° C to + 60 ° C
Climatic protection:  IP67
Weight:  371 g with measuring instrument console

Laser Level HV302
Laser beam receiver HL760
Remote control RC402N, radio
Battery Pack charger
Transport suitcase
User manual
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