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Rotation lasers

High drop resistance machine control rotation laser level GL710. CALIBRATED!

High drop resistance machine control rotation laser level GL710. CALIBRATED!

manufacturer: Spectra Precision
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Automatic laser levelers GL710 from Spectra Precision (USA) are designed for precision leveling in construction and engineering in small, medium and long distances. Suitable for horizontal work. Provides work on two oblique planes. It is designed for outdoor use with both handheld and GCS900, GCSFlex, etc. machine control receiver systems.
During operation, the instrument keeps track of the height of the parking space. This control remains in the standby mode.
Protected against falling from 1m height to concrete.
The GL710 is equipped with a laser beam receiver HL700.
The whole set fits in a durable, bright yellow plastic carrying case.
Basic use of the GL700 level series - working with laser-powered machine control systems.

GL710 technical parameters:
  • GL710 operating distance - 900 m (D)
  • Accuracy - no worse than ± 1 mm / 20 m
  • Accuracy for inclined planes ± 1 mm / 10 m
  • Inclination step - 0.001%
  • Maximum remote control working distance - 225 m
  • Automatic leveling range - ± 5 °
  • Temperature compensation - every 5 ° C
  • Resists falling to concrete at a height of 1m
  • Manual mode for inclined planes is activated
  • indication "outside the self-leveling range"
  • Operating time with Alkaline - 90 h / NiMH - 55 h.
  • Protection class - IP66
  • Radio control panel:  Yes 
  • Automatic axis maintenance:  Yes
  • Grade Match mode:  Yes
  • PlaneLock mode: Yes
  • Tilt range X axis:-10 to + 10%
  • Tilt range in Y axis: -0.5% to 25%

  • Laser leveler GL710
  • Receiver HL700 with a console for mounting on a measuring rod
  • Ni-Mh Battery Pack for Leveler
  • 220 V / 50 Hz e. network charger for leveling batteries
  • Battery set
  • Transport case
  • User manual
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