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TERRATEST 6000 BLE Mini - light weight deflectometer

TERRATEST 6000 BLE Mini - light weight deflectometer

code: TS120030
manufacturer: Terratest
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Light Weight Deflectometer TERRATEST 6000BLE MINI is dynamic plate load test using Bluetooth technology: 

Using TERRATEST® LWD is the easy and fast way to check quality of soil compaction in construction sites. One single person needs only two minutes to perform the test, no load vehicle is needed.

TERRATEST is the world leader in the development and manufacturing of the LWD. We always adopt new technologies to make our devices more efficient and user friendly. This is why we have developed the ” TERRATEST 6000 BLE “, an innovative product with Bluetooth capability, voice navigation and Android-App controllability.

  • International Standard ASTM E2835-11
  • Using Bluetooth:  TERRATEST 6000 BLE
  • WORLD’S FIRST: Wireless testing via BLUETOOTH
  • WORLD’S FIRST: With the Android app you can control your device via smartphone or tablet
  • All models come fully equipped with:
- Weatherproof box with external control buttons, protecting controller electronics
- Bluetooth connection between load plate and controller
- GPS system with screen display
- Integrated printer for immediate printout in construction site
- High-performance rechargeable battery for more than 2000 tests or 600 printouts
- New, powerful PC software for evaluation, management and analysis of data
- USB drive for data transfer to PC

Deflectometer with 10 kg beats and Bluetooth LE:

Max. impact force:                                          7.07 kN + 1%
Impact time:                                                  17.0 ms + 1.5 ms
Measurement range:                                       15 ÷ 70 MN / m²
Measurement procedure execution time:           2 minutes
Data Channel:                                                 Bluetooth 4.1 Low Energy, 2.402 ÷ 2.480MHz 
Measuring Coordinates:                                    with Smartphone GPS
Spring system:                                                17 steel springs
Total weight:                                                   15 kg
Weight of the punch:                                        10 kg
Seat diameter:                                                 300 mm
Thickness:                                                       20 mm
Material:                                                          steel, galvanized
Height of drop:                                                1140 mm
Overall device height:                                       1260 mm
Sound power:                                                   95 dB (A)
Sound pressure:                                               84 dB (A)
Power supply:                                                   7.4V / 2.4Ah battery for 8904, 500 measurements
Charger, IP20, with LEMO plug:                          ≈100-240V, 1A Class II, SYS1308-1809-W2E, 9V output, max. 2A


- ASTM E2835-11
- TP BF-StB B8.3
- ZTV E-StB 2009
- ZTV A0StB 2012
- RVS 08.03.04
- RIL 836
- DIN 18134

Calibration of the kit at the manufacturer.
  • MADE IN GERMANY, in-house development; in-house production; competent, direct distribution
  • Own calibration system, accredited by the German Federal Road Research Institute (BASt)
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