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Concrete and mortar hardness meters

Schmidt Hammer ADA Model 225

Schmidt Hammer ADA Model 225

code: AD12001
manufacturer: ADA
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Schmidt Hammer 225

Schmidt Hammer 225 from ADA is a device to measure the elastic properties or strength of concrete or rock, mainly surface hardness and penetration resistance.

The hammer measures the rebound of a spring loaded mass impacting against the surface of the sample. The test hammer will hit the concrete at a defined energy. Its rebound is dependent on the hardness of the concrete and is measured by the test equipment.

Schmidt Hammer 225 is easy to use instrument. You can use it indoor and outdoor.


Impact energy no less than 1.8 joule
Strike tension spring stiffness no more than 70 H
Value graduation scale 2 standard units
Height of rebound at strike on anvil 78 ±2 standard units of the scale of Schmidt Hammer
Readings at rebound height measurements (on anvil) ±2 standard units of the scale of Schmidt Hammer
Hardness of working surface of indenter no less than 60 HRC
Roughness of indenter ≤10 mkm
Radius of indenter head (25±1) mm
Dimensions (length, Ø max.) 280, 43
Weight, kg 1,3

Is possible to make a calibration. Price: 35,- EUR incl. VAT
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