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Walscanner ADA

Walscanner ADA

code: AD11002
manufacturer: ADA
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price69.00 €
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The indicated price is valid ordering till 29.09.2020.
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ADA Wall Scanner 

The ADA Wall Scanner detector is used for finding metals and actiw wires in building materials and behind them (eg fixtures, guides, etc.).

The ADA Wall Scanner also shows inhomogeneity in building materials and behind them (such as wood shingles behind plasterboard), as well as under-voltage cords in walls, ceilings and floors.

Technical specification:
Maximum scan depth:
- Ferrous metals: 100 mm *
- Non-ferrous metals: 80 mm *
Electrical wires: 50 mm **
Inhomogeneity: 20 mm
Automatic shutdown: after 5 minutes
Working temperature: -10oC ÷ + 50oC
Storage temperature: -20oC ÷ + 70oC
Power supply: 9V, 6F22 type, alkaline (Krona)
Duration of operation with 1 battery: > 6 h.
Weight: 0.24 kg
* Depending on the weight of the metal
** Depending on the current size of the leads
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