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Echosounder HydroLite DFX, dual frequency, up to 200 m of depth

Echosounder HydroLite DFX, dual frequency, up to 200 m of depth

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Measure and map depth in water, quickly and easily - integrate with Trimble GPS / GNSS RTK controllers.

The Hydrolite-DFX  from Seafloor Systems, Inc. is a portable dual frequency echosounder. The system combines both low frequency (30 kHz) and high frequency (200 kHz) transducers in one unit, penetrating through soft sediments to detect both hard bottom classification and surface layers. Working depth up to 200m.
          GPS and data controller is possible to order as option. 

Portable, integrated hydrographic survey solution
Dual frequency
Adapts / mounts to any vessel
Bluetooth and serial data transfer
Meets IP-65 standards
Quickly export XYZ data
Hydrolite-DFX Echosounder Kit
Hydrolite Boat Mount/Pole Kit
Rugged Shipping Case
User ManuaVTraining Manual
1 year support and warranty OPTIONS
GPS/GNSS Reciever
Digital bar check
Tide Gauge
Motion Sensor
Frequency: 200/30 kHz
Beam Width: 9 ° /20°
Ping Rate: 6 Hz w/ 2Hz output
Depth Accuracy: 1cm/ 0.1 % of depth
Output formats: NMEA,ASCII, ODOM,ATLAS
Range: 0.3 m - 200 m (30kHz minimum depth 3m)
Transducer Cable: 5 m
Power: External 12-18 vdc
Compatibility: All Data Colletors & Aquisition Software DFX
Topside: 1lbs (0.45kg), 6.5x3.375x1.75” (165.1x 85.72x 44.45mm)
DFX Transducer: 8lbs,(3.62kg), 7.625x5.375x4.5” (193.67x136.52x114.3mm)
Transom Mount: 4lbs (1.81kg), 11x5x8” (279x127x203.2mm)

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