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Echo sounder SonarMite BTX / MilSpec

Echo sounder SonarMite BTX / MilSpec

Tootja: Ohmex
Võimalik tellida
hind4,450.00 €
Hind sisaldab KM 21%.
Näidatud hind kehtib kuni 19.09.2021.
Kogus laos ei pruugi vastata tegelikkusele.
SonarMite MILSpec BT echo sounder is the result of almost two years of research and development aimed at further expanding the boundaries of hydrographic survey equipment in shallow water.
       This is an innovative continuation of the world's first truly portable SonarLite echosounder, proposed by Ohmex in 1997.
SonarMite marks the next step in a series of devices with the WinSTRUMENT concept using the latest integrated measurement and processing technology for laptops.
        The MILSpec version is equipped with high-strength and protected military brackets.
The Bluetooth channel provides data exchange between SoanarMite and the data collector.

• SonarMite BT echo sounder with built-in chargeable battery
• 235 kHz transmitter / receiver
• 220V / 12V charger
• RS232 interface cable
• CD-ROM with theuser manual and the SonarW10 Windows PC SW
• 1 year warranty on work and accessories

Additional accessories:
Transducer mounting Al plate with clamps and screws
USB data cable
2.15 m rod for GPS and data collector mounting (with 5/8 " end thread)
Mount for 2.15 m rod on the transom plate of the boat
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