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Optical levellers

Action! Optical level ELN-24 SET, with tripod and 5m staff

Action! Optical level ELN-24 SET, with tripod and 5m staff

code: GFE01040
manufacturer: geo-FENNEL ECOLINE
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The German company geo-FENNEL optical level ELN-24 SET Kit is versatile for all classical construction work.
Great optics and optimal magnification (ELN-24 it is 24x), it is a great choice for both private and multi-apartment buildings.
The ELN-24 SET is easy to use and has a ergonomic technical design.
The metal body of the leveler provides it with excellent mechanical strength.

Do not miss, the number of sets is limited !!

- ELN-24 automatic level
- A suitably colored solid thermoplastic case for ELN-24 transport / storage
- 5 m telescopic measuring rod with mm and E-scale and shoulder bag
- Aluminum tripod FS-20 with fast clip fixing 

Package warranty 2 years.
The level is calibrated and an appropriate sticker is issued for sale.
Full warranty and after-sales service on-site at GeoStar Ltd. service.

Accuracy for 1 km double-speed                   2.0 mm
Telescope magnification                               24x
Contradiction filled                                      nitrogen
Lens diameter                                            36 mm
Shortest focal length                                  0.3 m
Compensator operating range                     +/- 15 '
Compensation accuracy                              +/- 0.5 "
Horizontal angle                                         360 ​​°
Lowest reading horiz. circle                         1 °
Body material                                            metal
Weight                                                      1.5 kg
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